fc_logo_learning_grey1To register as a Booster Club member, please make checks payable to GAFC Booster club & then send your membership dues to the following address:

Courtney Bruns
12140 Greenmont Walk
Alpharetta, Ga

Membership Fees: (3 options)
Family = $25 or Individual = $15 or Bank-Draft Program(See Below)

*Our 2013-2014 goal is to raise a $100 a year from 100 families


Sign up for the Bank-Draft Program. This will be counted towards our $100/100 families goal. One-hundred percent of the money goes to Georgia FC students. The program is maintained by FC, but the money is deposited to our Greater Atlanta Booster Club account on campus! The club can use this money for  FC scholarships. The minimum draft amount is $10 per month. This is a charitable donation to Florida College, a tax exemption for you. This option also qualifies you as a member of the GAFC Booster Club.If you would like to sign-up for the Bank-Draft Program, then go to the Florida College “Giving” Webpage and complete the following steps.

1. Fill out the first part of the form

2. For the ‘Select Your Gift’ section, Select the  ‘Florida College Booster Club for Scholarship’ option

3. Once you select it, fill in ‘Name of Booster Club’ with the following ‘Greater Atlanta Florida College Booster Club’

4. Next, fill in the Booster Club amount (we recommend at least $10 month or $100 per year)

5. Finally hit the ‘Make Payment’ Button and the process should be complete.

To get to the the Webpage, select the following link

We Thank you for your support!!!